Spider Tag Dual Freq 2 Alarm Self Ret Black 600mm

T526 Auto-Retractable Baby Multi Grip, Small-size multi alarming-tag, Revolutionary and efficient providing dynamic protection.

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NEW member Auto-retractable multi grip in Baby size. Auto-retractable multi grip series continues its innovation within the Multi-grip family. This new smart device has been designed to be widely applied on multiple packages shapes and sizes, to protect high value merchandise. The cables are retracted automatically, making the installation and use much more convenient, reducing the operation time by 60% and improving the efficiency of anti-theft measures.


· 60% Time saving with Auto-retractable function

· Two different sizes available

· Multi 2A & Full-time protection, more secure

· Dual RF+AM frequency available

· No snaging when retracted

· Quick and easy installation & removal

· Long service life with replaceable battery


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