Welcome to Premier Security Products

Premier Security Products Ltd (PSP) design, manufacture and supply electronic article surveillance (EAS) products for retail security around the world.

Premier Security Products Ltd is part of the Premier Industries Group of companies and was founded in 2001.

Whatever your EAS security requirements may be, we can work with you to provide the solution you need.

Meet Our Team


The PSP team has retail security experience in excess of 60 years and we are here to advise you on the best solution for your security requirements.

Carl became the Managing Director at PSP in the summer of 2015 and has a background of running and overseeing highly successful companies. With a workforce of over 200 people at 2 locations in both Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, Carl still gives his full attention to all aspects of the business and has time for all of his staff and colleagues at all levels.

Carl Reeve

Managing Director


Paul was one of the original founders of the business back in 1999. His various products can be found in every industry across the world and is a leader in his field with his creative design and manufacturing background.

Paul Hulin

Director / Head of Innovation and Design


Howard joined PSP in 2005 and was instrumental in the growth of the business with his experience within sales and marketing.

Howard Barrie

Sales Director


Peter has been a vital part of PSP team since joining in 2009. His care and attention to detail is unrivalled and his experience and knowledge within the industry makes him a leader in his field and when there is a problem or issue that needs resolving, Peter is the man you need by your side.

Peter Webster

Technical Manager


James joined the team at PSP at the back of end of 2016 and has vast knowledge and experience of all aspects of managing a busy warehouse environment. His crucial skill set are essential to how PSP operates on a daily basis and he is a key member of the team to oversee the operational side of the business ranging from stock control, logistics and people management all under his authority.

James Taylor

Warehouse Manager