Bespoke Retail Security Products

Bespoke retail loss prevention security products benefit greatly from 3D CAD design, which plays a pivotal role in their creation.

Utilising advanced 3D modeling software, our designers can meticulously craft intricate designs that cater specifically to the unique needs of each client.

The use of in-house 3D printing technology further enhances the process by enabling the production of quick prototypes, allowing for rapid iteration and refinement of designs. This iterative approach ensures that the final product is optimized for both performance and manufacturability.

With a focus on design for manufacture, the 3D CAD models can seamlessly transition from the virtual environment to the physical realm, resulting in the efficient production of finished parts.

This streamlined workflow enables fast delivery of concept designs, reduces production costs, and ultimately provides clients with real working prototypes that meet their exact requirements in the realm of retail loss prevention security.

Executive Summary

Homebase is a British home improvement retailer and garden centre with
Stores across the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.
Homebase was founded by the supermarket chain Sainsbury’s and Belgian retailer GB-Inno-BM in 1979, as Sainsbury’s Homebase. This was to bring a supermarket style layout to the British Do It Yourself (DIY) market. The first store was in Croydon, opening on 3rd March 1981, located on the Purley Way.
Homebase use 4 different types of hangers thus they required
a 4 way stoplock to protect each type as they had limited protection on
many lines of merchandise across the 250 stores within the UK.


Having 4 different hanging displays used across the estate, PSP were tasked to design a bespoke lock that could be utilized on each type of hanger without compromising any of the hangers that are mixed across each of the stores.

PSP were able to initially design and 3D print a working prototype to ensure the 4way stoplock fitted each hanger it was designed to protect.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The first batch of Stoplocks were manufactured and supplied within a 6 week
period from order and distributed to stores for immediate use. The initial forecasts indicated the new PH4 way Stoplocks would save Homebase in the region of 3 to 5M in losses over a 12 months period, with thereturn of investment in the product beingonly 2 weeks from being implemented.


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