RF Handheld Deactivator/Verifier 

RF deactivator/verifier

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Handheld Verifier/Deactivator HDAR 200 is a combined battery operated label Verifier and Deactivator.
Via the selector switch, one can operate the HDAR in “Verifying” mode or “Deactivation” mode. In “Verifying” mode a label or hard tag can be detected up to a distance of 20cm. In “Deactivation” mode a label can be deactivated up to a distance of 15 cm.
With a fully charged battery, at least 500 verifying or deactivation cycles can be achieved.
 Integrated buzzer and mode indication LED
 High deactivation power
 Verifying and deactivation mode
 High capacity rechargeable polymer battery
 Key lock to prevent unauthorized deactivation
Frequency: 7.6 to 8.8 MHZ
Power Supply: rechargeable polymer battery
Charger 100-240VAC/12VDC
Deactivation height: up to 15cm1
Verifying height: up to 20cm1
Dimensions (mm): 280 x 70 x 33
Weight: 320gr
Material: Black ABS housing
Certifications: CE
1 when 4 x 4cm paper label and standard pads are used
Product codes: HDAR 200 (incl. Battery Charger)


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