AM Handheld Deactivator/Verifier

AM Handheld Deactivator

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Handheld Verifier/Deactivator HDM 700 is a combined battery operated label Verifier and Deactivator for AM labels.
Via the selector switch, one can operate the HDM 700 in “Verifying” mode or “Deactivation” mode. In “Verifying” mode, an AM label or hard tag can be detected up to a distance of 15cm. In “Deactivation” mode, a label can be deactivated up to a distance of 8cm.
With a fully charged battery, at least 900 verifying or deactivation cycles can be achieved.
 Integrated buzzer and mode indication LED
 High deactivation power
 Verifying and deactivation mode
 High capacity rechargeable LI polymer battery
 Key lock to prevent unauthorized deactivation
Frequency: 58KHz
Power Supply: rechargeable LI polymer battery
Charger: Input: 100-240VAC
Output: 12VDC
Deactivation height: up to 8cm1
Verifying height: up to 15cm1
Dimensions (mm): 280 x 70 x 33
Weight: 500gr
Material: Black ABS housing
Certifications: CE
1 when good DR (APX) labels are used
Product codes: HDM 700 (incl. Battery Charger)


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