The summer has finally arrived, so let’s get ready for Christmas??

As I sit in my office with the sun streaming through the window, winter and Christmas should really be the last thing on my mind… but I am thinking ahead…

n retail, I am sure many companies and businesses are already well on track preparing for the Christmas promotions, marketing and displays in preparation for the most crucial part of trading in the year.

Q4 more than ever is going to be a more uncertain time in the world of retail. The drop in the £ GBP against the $ USD and € Euro has seen price rises across many sectors and industries.

What is going to happen with the Brexit negotiations?
Will the pound in our pocket continue to be worth less in another 6 months time?
Will public speeding on the High Street continue to fall as we all have less indispensable cash to spend on those non essentials?
These are just a few questions from my own thoughts, but I sure every single one of you reading this article will have your own opinions and views… does anyone really have all the answers?

What is for sure is retailers will need to be fully prepared for a challenging pre Christmas trade and protecting merchandise from theft in stores should be made a very high priority.

The annual bill for UK retail crime soared to £613m last year – the highest level since records began – driven by sophisticated criminal gangs stealing luxury goods such as designer clothing and hi-tech gadgets to order.
That was a 2% increase on the cost to industry in 2014, according to the annual retail crime survey published by the British Retail Consortium, while the average value of goods stolen leaped by over a third to £325 per incident – also a record.

Not only is the direct cost of crime now at its highest level on record, but it is more than three times higher than in 2007-08, the BRC warned.

The total number of offences has dropped for the second year running, retailers reported, to 750,144 incidents. But the high value of items stolen compared with the drop in incidents shows that crime against retailers is increasingly being carried out by sophisticated criminals stealing to order. Customer theft still accounts for the majority of incidents of retail crime, at 83% of the total.

What I am writing about is not about the doom and gloom on the High Street or how much more is going to be stolen over Christmas this year but for the retailer to take further measures to protect merchandise and goods.

Hiding products away from display to avoid theft is not a viable solution, but having a display with the right protection is the best way forward and the customer experience is not to be ignored.

With the right strategy, planning and investment in the correct security products in advance, the retailers will see a decrease in losses, an increase in sales which ultimately see’s a full return in investment and justification on the initial outlay in a short timeframe.

For the past 12 years, I have regularly taken calls and received numerious emails with a subject heading ‘URGENT’ from a contact or a referral looking for security tags, labels and applications during the late winter months. The 5 main reasons for this are;

1) Store/s has run out of a certain line of production and has a shortfall?

2) Store/s did not order any protection to cover Christmas requirements?

3) Orders to an incumbent supplier cannot be fulfilled so a store/s is looking elsewhere for help?

4) EAS suppliers and installers do not have the luxury of having security products sitting in a warehouse waiting to be required so most products will need to be sourced and shipped mainly from China well in advance.

5) Stores/s look to protect products once they are stolen rather than look to protect merchandise before it is out on the shelf?

The cost to airfreight goods from the Far East in October, November and December can double or even triple the price of goods and is definitely something we want to work with retailers to avoid.

Premier Security Products we want to work in partnership with retailers to provide a first class service of storage, supply, customer service, support and guidance.

At PSP we are experts in our field and are able to offer a full FREE consultancy of your store and business to see and understand what works and what doesn’t and look at your future promotions and campaigns to prepare you in advance for Christmas.
From our experience and knowledge, we have solutions to cover every issue that is highlighted in both a short term and long term capacity.

We have total confidence that all the appropriate and simple solutions that we can offer to your estate will have huge benefits to your business with a decrease in losses and increase in sales and profits.

History has proven this time and time again with all the retailers we work in partnership with.

Sometimes a small initial investment is needed but the return of investment can and will be something that retail will see the benefits of.

To take advantage of our free consultancy and store walk, please contact me via and confidentially is and will remain in place within all correspondence.

In our opinion “making do” will not do, we want the right product to meet your needs and that comes through experience and innovation.

This is James the Warehouse Manager at PSP. Let’s keep James happy and busy with products in his warehouse so he is all prepared and ready to despatch to you in good time prior to Christmas.

“Merry Christmas James”

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