“Put it in a box”… that will protect it?

Howard Barrie

Sales Director at Premier Security Products Ltd

Having been on the right side of retail protection in loss prevention at Premier Security Products for over 10 years (the wrong side being a shoplifter) I have seen the business evolve gradually but sadly, theft is very much on the increase year by year on the High Street.

Statistics have proven that a retailer without Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) protection or a viable solution for securing merchandise will experience or suffer from shrinkage from theft across a store, a shop or an entire estate.

A retailer with no product protection are over 50% more likely to have repeat theft within a store than one with some form of protection and theft is no longer just associated with a ‘steal to sell for a drink or drug habit’ but out of a necessity for day to day living from a people from all walks of life.

In my opinion, a visible deterrent will always be a requirement for a retailer to tackle and address ‘theft’ on the shop floor as opportunist crime will always be prevalent with temptation, a need and the chance of ‘getting away with it’ without getting stopped or caught.

Theft is theft however you look at it but understanding the thought process behind the shoplifter allows us in the security industry to work in conjunction with the retailer to provide the right protect at the right price.

The price of simple ‘security tags’ have decreased over the past 10 years but will remain as an option for the retailer as cheap deterrent on merchandise but with the introduction of 2 alarm and 3 alarming tags a retailer has an added line of protection to protect ‘high end’ lines that are vulnerable.

In basic terms, 2 alarm means a tag will self alarm if tampered with and activates a pedestal/system at the entrance/exit… having 3 alarm technology within a tag allows the tag to actually self alarm when activated on a pedestal/exit.

For example… a busy store with 3 people walking out and 3 people walking in and the EAS gates alarms… potentially 1 in 6 people could have set the system off unintentionally or if they are stealing, intentionally… With focus now very much on the customer experience, a 3 alarming tag being activated can identify the individual whom has set off the gates thus giving the retailer a fighting chance of apprehending a potential shoplifter.

But back to my headlines… put it in a box, that will protect it… is that really the only option for protecting highly stolen items with limited and valuable shelf space and not really a great customer experience.

This is where Premier Security products can really make a difference. As the leading manufacturer of bespoke EAS products to the UK security industry, PSP have provided design and manufacturing excellence since setting up in 2001.

We don’t just offer you a product because that is all we have we ‘listen and understand’ what our customers are telling us with their concerns, issues or successes and match you with the right options and solutions that work.

PSP’s combination of design creativity and production skills offers security providers a seamless service: from product design, to prototyping, manufacture and distribution.

Client confidentiality is maintained at all times and working as part of the team, PSP extends the potential offerings of any security provider and retailer.

One of our most recent successes was a solution manufactured onsite at our Buckinghamshire HQ and supplied within the UK which saw an upturn in sales of 23% in 6 months for the retailer.

Our security product allowed the retailer to take the merchandise from behind the counter (because of huge losses through theft) back in front of the counter thus seeing a massive rise in sales and more importantly profits… Before our help the alternative options for protecting the product were limited and not suitable.

At PSP we work in partnership with the right people and partners to be able to offer the complete solution; whether it is visual display for protecting phones and tablets, RFID for stock control or an RF label for protecting chilled meat or cheese.

PSP see the future as working directly with the retailer, buyers and manufactures.

Protecting merchandise and products before ‘arriving at the store’ is the logical and cost effective solution for the retailer.

Why lose products from theft and then come up with a solution after the problem?
With our knowledge and expertise, PSP can design, manufacture and provide the answers within store or at source before there is a problem.

Retail crime is not going to disappear and evidence is showing that theft is rising at an alarming level so let us help you protect your profits and let’s start thinking out of the box.

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