UNO with Roto Sensor & USB/A

Headphones, WiFi or Bluetooth sound systems but also laptops and other valuable portable products require flexible protection in retail stores.

The UNO stand alone controller offers electronic protection for these. It is a compact unit with integrated alarm circuit plus charging capabilities for 5V devices. A variety of sensors including switch, loop and USB type are available to protect a variety of different merchandise.

Installation is a matter of minutes. This makes the UNO stand alone controller the ideal security device for a large range of electronic products.

General specifications
Diameter base: 58 mm
Height base: 19 mm
Length power cable: 111 cm
Power: 5V – 2.4A
Battery lifetime: Up to 3 years
Visual Alarm: LED
Audible Alarm: 95 db
Optional: Clamps for phones & tablets

Download UNO Roto & USB/A Datasheet