A series of acrylic display stands and sensors makes the UNO the perfect companion for all categories consumer electronics. Whether you have a wall or table top display, UNO is designed to perform and fulfil your requirements.

The UNO stand alone controller offers electronic protection. It is a compact unit with integrated alarm circuit plus charging capabilities for 5V devices. A variety of sensors including switch, loop and USB type are available to protect a variety of different merchandise.

Installation is a matter of minutes. This makes the UNO stand alone controller the ideal security device for a large range of electronic products.

General specifications
Diameter base: 58 mm
Height base: 19 mm
Length power cable: 111 cm
Power: 5V – 2.4A
Battery lifetime: Up to 3 years
Visual Alarm: LED
Audible Alarm: 95 db
Optional: Clamps for phones & tablets

Download UNO Series Phone Datasheet