NEPTUN_400 Plexiglas RF 8.2MHz Dual System

The Neptun_400 is our most luxurious type of EAS frame that was designed specifically to complement the latest high end boutique interior design.

The antenna is supplied with integrated decoration light which can be used in various colour schemes.

By using our additional alarm module you can choose from a variety of decoration and alarm colours as well as different sound options. The sturdy metal base ensures good stability of the frame after an installation.

The Neptun frame uses a wider frame for better detection.

Available in single or multiple antenna configurations and works up to 1.9m with a hard tag and 1.65m with a 40 x 40 label

• Stylish modern design with Plexiglas panels.
• High performance electronics
• Up to 1.9m with a hard tag and 1.65m with a 40 x 40 label
• Compatible with all 8.2 MHz (RF) hard and labels
• Adjustable volume control
• DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
• Easy installation and operation

Download Neptune 400 Datasheet


RF 8.25Mhz


150.8cm x 40cm x 2cm


Clear Plexiglas


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