Minos RF 8.2Mhz Dual System

A cost effective RF 8.2Mhz pedestal system available as a transmitter and receiver configuration
Stylish looks, budget pricing and robust construction makes this a popular choice for retailers.


  • Up to 1.9+m with a hard tag & 1.7+m with an RF Label.
  • Robust stylish anti-climb design.
  • Aluminium Frame Plexiglas panels
  • Adjustable speaker volume
  • Easy to follow installation and operation instructions.
  • Multi-antennas processing technology Digital Signal Processing
  • Automatic adjustment advanced environmental monitoring program, automatically search the environment noise.
  • Manual tuning easy tuning and can be adjusted according to different environment and save the parameters.
  • Adaptive synchronisation avoids interference by adjusting the synchronisation value.
  • Multi-channel processing technology DPS processor can receive signals of multi-channels, reduce blind areas, and effectively improve the detecting range and rate.
  • DSP processor with the use of advanced procedures, the system is stable, with strong anti interference ability, low false alarm rate.


RF 8.25Mhz


Clear, Silver & Grey


160cm x 35cm x 6cm


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