LM Tag

Prevent theft before it occurs and deliver a better shopping experience

The Light and Motion Tag from PSP uses a combination of a light sensor and motion detector to recognise product concealment instantly at the shelf level providing a notification to store employees. It alarms at the point of theft, making it the only device on the market that has the ability to alert you before product walks out the door.

The LM tag™ adds another layer to store security as the EAS gate is triggered from the internal EAS tag
in the LM housing. The EAS gate will alarm when the tag moves through the space.

The only way to deactivate the LM Tag is by using a unique strobe light sequence. Unlike magnetic detachers which can be duplicated or defeated, no other deactivator on the market can replicate the light code. Available in personal handheld or counter top options.

Download LM Tag Data Sheet



RF 8.25Mhz or AM 58Khz


38mm x 38mm x 12.7mm


White or Black


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