customised Anti-sweep box

The anti-sweep boxes can be assembled to each other creating a multi-facing unit.
They can be placed directly on shelf or used as a counter display

The boxes can be used either with slow motion pusher or soft pusher.
Pusher track is taped to the bottom part of the box. For heavy or large products two soft pushers can be assembled.
To ensure equal pusher strength, pusher houses can be connected with each other with a back support.
The back support can be produced e.g. in PETG 2.0 clgg and taped to both pusher houses.

Boxes can be connected sideways or upwards.
Maximum number of boxes connected upwards depends on the product weight, but it is not recommended to connect more than 3 boxes on top of each other.
Boxes are connected to each other by the customer, in-store with snap rivets.

Download Anti-Sweep Box Datasheet