Loss prevention continues to be a major concern for retailers and brands and for good reason: losses due to shoplifting cost a lot of money.
One of the solutions that protects profits across different categories are anti-sweep tray solutions.
Their unique design prevents sweeping multiple products at once and additionally has other benefits:
• easy shopping
• easy merchandising
• high brand and product visibility.

• Sweep protection: special anti-sweep design minimize the possibility of taking multiple number of products at once.
• Size designed to fit product packaging: possibility to define customized measurements.
• Selection of automatic feeding systems: a choice of different pusher systems ensure best suitable functionality
depending on product type and weight; can be combined with Slow Motion Pusher.
• Multiple branding options: depending on the need, possibility to combine with Brandline™ shelfliners and customized

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customised Anti-sweep box

The anti-sweep boxes can be assembled to each other creating a multi-facing unit. They can be placed directly on shelf or used as a counter display PUSHER The boxes can be used either with slow motion pusher or soft pusher. Pusher...
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CUSTOMISED Anti-sweep tray

The anti-sweep tray has been developed in response to customer needs. Anti-sweep protection for premium products combined with additional branding possibilities (e.g. if used with pusher with Optimal grip, can be combined with Brandline™ front profiles). PUSHERS The tray can be used...