The Easicap from Premier Security Products

Executive Summary

Nothing new or any viable options for retailers in how they market and protect alcohol had been made available for nearly a decade. PSP, in consultation with the UK largest supermarkets designed a new type of protection that gave retailers a modern and up-to-date solution.


To provide a tag solution without making a drastic change to how the tag was applied or removed from a detacher. Limited changes to the design or functionanilty were specified without having an impact on shelf space within a store environment. Ease of application and removal for staff and colleagues at the POS.

One of the biggest features and benefits of the Easi-Cap™ was to provide retailers with a benefit denial product to protect bottles that were being consumed by the perpetrator by unauthorized removal from store.

How Product Helped

PSP were able to design and manufacture a visually pleasing secure fixing to a bottle by a simple twist action. Without impacting on valuable shelf space the patented double locking mechanism give bottles the ultimate protection. The unique design of the caps mean they stay within the same depth of the bottle being protected, giving an added benefit compared to issues from over-sized tags knocking off bottles next to the bottle being picked from the shelf.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The PSP-B009 Easi-Cap™ has proven to be a successful and highly desirable option for retailers. The Easi-Cap™ can be manufactured in either AM 58KHz or RF 8.2MHz frequency and in 2 sizes for protecting wines or spirits or champagne. The cap is able to produced in a choice of colours or printing and to date has been supplied into 40+ countries across the globe.

“The Easi-Cap™ is such a great security product that not only do as they are designed to do by protecting our bottles but they actually enhance the way they are displayed in the store and our losses have decreased by 80% in only 3 months “
Store Manager at Morrisons Supermarket, Milton Keynes

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