The burn resistant bottle tag from Premier Security Products

Executive Summary
Asda required a solution as they had identified an issue with the existing supply of bottle tags. It was highlighted that using a cigarette lighter, you were able to burn the plastic housing, the locking mechanism, thus making the tag easy to remove.


To provide a tag solution without making a drastic change to how the tag was applied or removed from a detacher. Limited changes to the design or functionanilty were specified without having an impact on shelf space within a store environment.

PSP-B011-58-SU-BR Bottle tag 58KHz Superlock Burn Resistant LG

A lightweight slim line compact tag that is compatible with EAS systems that operate on an AM 58 KHz frequency. Quick application with a simple pull wire and easy removal at the POS using a superlock magnetic detacher. Burn resistant and able to be produced and supplied in a custom colour or print.

How Product Helped

PSP were able to design and manufacture a unique patented second generation bottle tag with a soft protective sheath that was burn resistant to counteract the losses reported through unauthorized removal.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The PSP-B011 bottle tags were supplied into Asda at the same price as their existing tag and were rolled out across the entire estate. Zero losses were reported from using this new tag as the previously highlighted issue of burnt tags to remove the protection on bottles had been eliminated. The tag is now a main stay within the PSP portfolio and is supplied to retailers globally.

The design of the tag was proven to be a good and cost effective solution, so it was a question of trialing and testing the correct type of burn resistant material to ensure this type of theft was no longer viable for the shoplifters. PSP were able to come up with the solution with their knowledge and experience in design and plastics” The Head of Loss Prevention at Asda.